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Published On: March 20, 2024Categories: Risk Assessment, SaaS

Whatever the size of your organisation, risk assessments are often unpopular and unwieldy. Whether it’s finding them, formatting them or sharing them, the whole process can cause many a headache. Outdated content, inconsistent templates and difficulties finding the relevant safety information can create resentment and nervousness before any project has begun.  

Let’s not even mention getting expedient management sign-off!

We built RiskPal to solve these pains. Our latest updates turbo charge your risk management processes. 

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Risk Assessment Templates: No One Size Fits All

Every company differs and so do their risk assessment requirements. While the health and safety (HSE) and risk management industries follow guidelines and standards, there is great variation between companies about the definitions and the risk assessment templates they use. A “3×3 severity-likelihood” scale to some can be a “5×5 impact-probability” score to others. Many don’t include any risk ratings at all, and that’s without even opening the Pandora’s box that comes with debates on the use of risk matrices!

You’ll even see variation within the same organisation; while the Facilities and Events teams might include threat scoring (call it what you want – the industry doesn’t agree on that either) for their office risk assessment or annual conferences, the Travel team does not, feeling it’s not something the traveller should be forced to select without any prior risk management training.

Risk management and risk tolerance between different companies will always vary and in RiskPal we don’t put you in a box. You can build templates for specific purposes, with specific content, including specific fields for your specific needs. And if you hate the word specific, you can call it something else!

Goodbye inconsistency; hello customisation and compliance.

Health & Safety Guidance on tap; Reassurance Unrivalled

Are you a business leader worried about safety but unsure where to turn? We know that an absence of internal risk management skills or overstretched risk teams can limit your access to readily available safety guidance and can keep you up at night. 

RiskPal has a library of information covering some 200 scenarios, curated and managed by our team of experienced risk management professionals. From working with strobe lights and on boats, to exposure to extreme heat or infectious disease, RiskPal’s library offers an abundance of advice for your travel, health and safety needs in just a few clicks.

We’ve spent the last year rebuilding the library, both in terms of content and performance. Now quicker, easier to search and with an intuitive user interface, the RiskPal library also contains a growing array of workplace health and safety information, including guidance for New & Expectant Mothers, Home Working, Fire Risk to Business Premises and Office Risk Assessments.

We know we don’t have all the answers, so you can edit the library, add your own guidance and refine the information to match your operational needs. If you are offshore on a rig or a wind farm, or are working with pathogens in a laboratory, you can include the exact advice that you need. What’s more, all updates in the library automatically carry into your risk assessment templates, ending the age-old frustration with version control, dated content and inconsistency.   

An accessible database of safety information helps scalability, alleviates reliance on internal staff and boosts your organisational resilience, ensuring that knowledge developed over several years doesn’t walk out the door with departing staff members and their favoured go-to templates.

Easy-To-Use Risk Assessment Software

RiskPal. Making Safety Simple

RiskPal is an easy-to-use risk assessment software. We are dedicated to making safety simple and compliance straight forward.

Whether you are completing a risk assessment or approving one, we’ve all shouted at the screen in frustration about document formatting. Moving rows around tables or trying to spellcheck an Excel document is just so unnecessary in a digital age. Time should be spent thinking about risk and safety controls rather than how to get a whole document in the same font or Googling (again) how to remove page breaks.

At RiskPal we understand workflow. Putting user experience and feedback at the heart of our design, we have rolled out several new features to make the risk assessment process easier, encouraging collaboration and allowing you to get back to the work you enjoy. New editorial tools, the ability to drag and order risks based on their importance or severity (rather than just alphabetical order) are just some of the other neat features we’ve rolled out this month to boost user experience and free up time to focus on safety.

We’d love to show you what we’ve done…. Read more about technical component of the RiskPal library update:

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